Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We came upon a sinewy young man steadily practising backflips on the nice grass just north of the Company Gardens. I had to ask him: Are you practising parkour?

I even said it with a French accent.

Blank face. Polite, but blank.

Parkour? In a South African accent.

No, just gymnastics, he said.

Tapiwe is from Zimbabwe, and has been in Cape Town for 8 months. He has no job yet. But, he said, with a beatific smile, he will never give up hope.

He would like to work in movies, in his craft. Once some Germans filmed him, he says, but he was unable to view the video well when they emailed it to him. I made one too. I am not a film maker, but he asked me to film him "in action."

He flipped, rolled, spiraled and flew.

I have Tapiwe's email. If you have work for him, get in touch.
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