Saturday, February 4, 2012

Car pictures

Not of the car. From the car. Cape Town from the road...

The famous table cloth spilling over Table Mountain, from the Parade.

Devil's Peak, from De Waal Drive.

From a traffic circle at the Foreshore. No idea who the statue is.

Oleanders in the median on the M3 heading north.

Ou Kaapse Weg, heading south on a cloudy mountain day.

Ou Kaapse Weg, heading north.

Edinburgh Drive intersection and the plastic bird seller.

Boyes Dive overlooking Muizenberg.

Kalk Main Main Road looking through the railway underpasses onto the harbour's beach.


  1. The statue is of Bartholomew Diaz a portugese explorer who discovered the Cape of Storms in 1488. He perished there on returning in 1500.
    Enjoyed your site. Found it when looking for photos of Aristea Africana that we found on the old fisherman's trail in Silvermine over the weekend !
    Best wishes Mike


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