Monday, July 13, 2009

Where there's a will...

...there is a way to grow lilies. Bleecker Street.


  1. how do you (or anyone) keep the container-contained perennials alive over the winter? how do you control the water? i have a covered porch & i have often wondered about this. do they need large pots?

    i do have a pot of exceptionally hardy chives, which come back every year. i reward them by eating all their blossoms.

  2. I leave my terrace pots for two months in the winter, when the watering is up to God, or what passes for him/her...I think the plant choice is the most important. Must be hardy for the zone. My catnip has come back again and again in a really small pot - it is super-hardy.

  3. Indeed, His catnip! those lilies are a lovely spot of color on that rather grim facade...looks like she has pots of herbs in what's probably the kitchen window as well.


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