Friday, July 24, 2009

Terrace at week's end

Yesterday's rain on late-opening lilies, whose stems are weaker than their blooms, so that they bow over from the waist, and hang under the weight of water.

Below, three tiny, ripe tomatoes for dinner last night.

And a wailing commotion on the street below. Six firetrucks, soon departing, after a resolved alarm at the hospital.

Every night we eat basil. Hyssop and calamintha make it into drinks. Parsley is chopped, sage roasted.

The second flush of Abraham Darby is late.

And the cosmos grow taller in their pots.

It is a cool Friday night on the terrace, with a hot and humid Saturday forecast. We will sleep with doors open and mosquito net tucked in. Last night they flew in and hummed.


  1. I had no luck with a cosmos that planted this year.. seemed to be a dwarf size anyway...something I've never seen in the past... and then the blooms seemed to keep dying before they even just real flowers to speak of from that purchase.. sigh..... yours looks great....

  2. Mosquitoes-arrgh! They are supposed not to be active in this chilly weather, yet one was in the kitchen last night.

  3. You mean they flew in and dive-bombed. I hummed.

  4. HI. What is hyssop - and how do you use it?

  5. HI. What is hyssop - and how do you use it?

  6. HI. What is hyssop - and how do you use it?


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