Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SoHo meadow RIP

Above, agastache. US passport holder.

Below, Salvia pratensis 'Pink Delight'. Import.

Oh...why RIP? because the property was sold to Jon Bon Jovi...and this garden has been taken out.

Gaura, the white flowers. Texas! The pink on the left is bad. Three years ago I'm afraid I loved Lythrum, purple loosestrife (even though it is shocking pink). It invades wetlands and pushes out the natives, changing all sorts of things in the food chain. It's pretty, but very bad. So I learn, I learn.

Dust to dust.

Miscanthus is from Asia, so is Pennesitum - both grasses. Miscanthus is potentially invasive, though the species is considered less horrible. But the abundant Panicum (switchgrass, wand panic grass) is a true prairie local.

Good old, increasingly over-used Verbena bonariensis. The new lavender. Potentially invasive in temperate zones, tender here, though it self seeds prolifically. From South America.


  1. man, bon jovi...why? i asked the same thing in the 80's and part of the 90's. your identifications are stupendous.

    (thank you for your thoughful offer---i think we're good with our patio stuff for now but i am known to scavenge most other times...ox)

  2. Ah no! Thanks for showing me this garden back then (97)- although I never saw it in it's pretty summer splendour....the pics are lovely.

    So how did you hear about the change of guard....are you doing the next one? do you want to do the next one?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Deb and Marijke - the apartment was sold for some record-setting sum, so was all over the news....he apparently brought his own designer in, sniff.

  5. Oh, that's interesting. I'm involved in a project at the moment investigating the possibly use of Miscanthus as a biofuel crop. Always thought it looked sort of pretty in the greenhouse.


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