Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pan-roast potatoes

This is a good supper, where you feel like you're having the best bits for the whole meal.

Thinly sliced potatoes, layered with some pancetta and herbs. I used sage and thyme from the terrace. Season, and layer with some more potatoes, season some more and drizzle over olive oil. Add enough water to reach just to the top layer of potatoes. Pop into a hot-hot oven: 440'F/220'C.

After about 40 minutes, squeeze over some lemon juice and return to the oven. I like my potatoes crunchy top and bottom and the middle ones soft and creamy. These are the ones that absorb all the herby, lemony deliciousness. Have green salad with it.

A little rough, but very delicious. And cheap! This is recession food, too!

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  1. hey! i have all that stuff! (well, prosciutto instead, but that should work.) it is still cool enough (isn't it always 55 at night in july?) to use the oven.

    what kind of taters? (preparing my vocabulary for a parental visit to Indiana) low-starch types, i would guess. unless one layers russets in the middle to get the creamy layer.

    looks like i got me some dinner.


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