Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nectarine and basil salad

Antidote to fried food:

The nectarines I have been buying recently are delicious. And from another coast.

I counted purple basil, green basil, Greek basil, Thai basil and an inbetween-looking basil on my terrace. After slicing my sweet nectarine I tore some of all of these up and tossed them over the fruit, along with a sliced spring onion/scallion. Shook over the usual sherry vinegar, salt, some sugar, pepper, EV olive oil.

Really delicious.


  1. Awesome blog. Drooling as I read.

  2. Inbetween-looking basil is my favourite, along with sharper-than-average figs and Mozart-sounding jam.

  3. Dankie, Doc - it's nice to have SAfricans here...

    Centvingt...if that fig perseveres, we'll eat the sharper than average figs together.

  4. thank you...i will be making this...we have a similar cooking philosophy i think!

  5. Inspiring. Went to the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket today and thought of this salad -- think I'll riff on it with nectarines and apricots, basil and spearmint, purple cabbage, chives, and goat cheese for a rooftop party tonight. Maybe even some beautiful radishes? Love your blog!


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