Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camping Food

Here is the booklet that go! magazine published about camping food a month or so ago. It was good to see my pictures and our memories in this little collection.

The recipes above and all the way below will be legible if you click on the pictures...

The bread recipe is not mine but is the one we used to make the bread inside this cast iron pot, at Paternoster. It worked brilliantly.


  1. hey marie, yes i'm reading backwards but where can i find this mag on camping food? we're going in a few weeks and i need a new way.///

    i'm now continuing my search for your red currant jam recipe since i have some ahem, red currants!

  2. Eish, it's in South Africa! Perhaps you can subscribe...But try the breda if you have a cast iron pot. We camped for some weeks early in the year and got quite good with Fire in the end...


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