Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring time

Spring arrived on Saturday. Meaning, the sun shone, after many grey and wet days. Today was Day Three of sun. And lots happened. On 2nd Place hyacinths have usurped crocus at the feet of our lady of the flowers. Two doors down the owner of a small pink peach tree sat on a folding chair and puffed his cigar.

Early cherries have opened. This one did not suffer damage from the early warm, late cold of February and March.

On 3rd Place one of my favorite gardens is waking up. 

Otherwise, the pace is increasing: Foraging season has begun. Wintercress, spicebush flowers, early Japanese knotweed and garlic mustard are appearing. My time is spread between scouting, gathering, cleaning, shooting, cooking, shooting again, writing, and eating (the reward). The window is narrow and these ingredients, at their peak, are ephemeral (RUN, FORREST!).

Tonight we ate outdoors for the first time this year. A deeply fragrant little roast chicken perfumed with chopped field garlic and fresh turmeric.  

In the garden things happen overnight. Fiddleheads unfurl, fava beans rise. The Oregon wasabi has been planted, the New Jersey turmeric must go in, and some Nicotiana plants are arriving in the mail from California along with tender summer bulbs from Virginia. Trade is alive and well.

Hold onto your hats.



  1. Spring is much farther along down there than up in the mountains, for sure - but we are right behind you! The crocuses are blooming, the daffodils getting fat buds, the lilacs starting to unfurl their leaves.


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