Thursday, April 20, 2017

D'Artagnan Morels - let the games begin

When the forages come to you... I may have squealed out loud. Quite pasture-raised pig-like.

But who wouldn't? While I have about a gazillion things to do (cleaning and photographing day lily tubers, cooking day lily rösti, puréeing nettles, making nettle soufflé, making Japanese knotweed lamb curry, processing a couple of hundred new photographs - all for the forage cookbook) this is so exciting I had to post it right away.

The friendly people at D'Artagnan (and I have just finished re-reading The Three Musketeers) sent me a mushroom gift box. It arrived at the door this morning. Inside? Blonde and brown morels and the fattest asparagus I have ever seen. Even though my mouth is watering I hardly know where to begin. What a wonderful quandary.

I use D'Artagnan meats like duck, quail and recently rabbit - said rabbit will be in the morel stew, and I am happy that as a city forager they are there to supply the high quality ingredients that pair beautifully with wild ingredients.

Rabbit and morels in cream and mustard sauce coming up. And then what? Send me your morel ideas!

To quote Dumas, as the real D'Artagnan went to bed on the eve of his adventures, tonight I shall sleep "clear of all remorse for the past, confident in the present and full of hope for the future. "

Sans remords dans le passé, confiant dans le présent et plein d’espérance dans l’avenir, elle se coucha et s’endormit du sommeil des braves.


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