Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March blasts

March. Too many seedlings indoors. Here, the unrealistic artichokes. I know. But in winter you think unreasonable thoughts.

Feeding the flock. The white throated sparrows (top and bottom) have stayed all winter. They are cheekier than the common sparrows, and sing much better, of course. I do miss our Harlem terrace juncos and house finches (wth red heads and throats).

The elephant garlic braved the snow. The saffron crocus leaves also persisted right through winter (they bloomed in late fall, a few weeks after I planted them. I collected enough for one stew/bouillabaisse).

Nettles! One of the first perennials to emerge. It came with us from Harlem, in a blueberry pot, where it showed up one summer. It will be eaten. I am curious to see how much it has spread in one and a half years.

In the kitchen I looked up the other day to see a possum in the corner viburnum. I have not seen them for ages, though the Frenchman spotted one late at night, recently. I love their presence in the garden. They do not carry rabies (unlike raccoons), they eat their body weight in ticks, and have kept my garden slug and snail free (I think - I don't know what other explanation there could be).

I have horse radish to plant in the vegetable plot. And tender bulbs like Eucomis (pineapple lily) and spider lily (Hymenocallis - so sexist, yes? White, pure, virginal? Am I reading too much into it?). Anyhoo, both an experiment in flowering bulbs for shade; they will be planted on the cement slab, closer to the house, in pots.


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