Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Duck prosciutto

After curing in the fridge, comes the hanging. 

The kitchen is airy, no cellar needed.

Day 10 of hanging = happiness.

Of the duck prosciuttos I have made this one has been by far the best - a hybrid of the methods I have used in the past, and then some serious flavouring. Not too salty, just enough of the wild ingredients (fir and juniper) coming through, perfectly cured meat and a smooth, melt in your mouth fattiness. The Frenchman eats the whole slice, but I reserve most of my fat bits for crisping in a pan (duck kaaings, for South Africans, who do this with lamb). The tiny, nutty bits of fat are like chips and the rendered fat makes the best rösti I have ever eaten. Yes, we do need more exercise. Recipe testing is dangerous waistline work.

This is one of the recipes that will be in my new forage and wild foods cookbook. But there are miles to go before we sleep!

A reminder, as we inch towards spring, that my first forage walk is on April 15. Space is limited. See the link below for more details.


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  1. Really looking forward to the book - that duck prosciutto looks downright scrumptious


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