Friday, March 31, 2017

Grow Journey on a Bun

The last day of March. Did anyone see it sprinting past? In what direction was it headed? What was it wearing???

Tomorrow is April.

And I have microgreens. I have been collecting all my leftover Grow Journey seeds - just a few from each packet from over a year's worth, mixing them up and tossing them in seed trays every few weeks. They have provided welcome and miniature salads for lunches at home, while I work. I have been tied to my laptop with writing for the forage cookbook. Taking a break to snip microgreens and cook an egg (they belong together) has been very welcome.

These seedlings are a collection of kales and mustards and beets and lettuces.

Please note the steam. Bitten into while hot.

And then there was today's breakfast of defrosted baked olive oil dough (worked like a treat) experiment, with hot sauce...

In the garden I have sown Grow Journey's m√Ęche (lambs lettuce) and a purple Indian mustard. After swearing off tomatillos last year (they made so many I was overwhelmed), Grow Journey's seed of the month package contained purple tomatillos. What is a gardener to do? Simple: change her mind. Who could resist? I will bottle them and make them into sauce. I have never done real canning, but it is time to learn something new, in the preservation department.

I am waiting to sow the tomatillos as the seed trays in the bedroom - the brightest room in the apartment - are beginning to take over the world.

As always, you can sign up for a free, 30-day Grow Journey trial, no strings attached. In return you will receive 5 packages of USDA certified organic heirloom seeds. One of the greatest benefits of membership, as I have said before, and will again, is the growing support you receive on your personal dashboard. The specific as well as general horticultural information made available to you is top notch and reliable; it is not only exceptionally educational, but also very interesting. Having this resource in one place, rather than having to surf the web for answers, is time saving as well as convenient. I know I have learned a great deal.

What are you planting now?



  1. Here in central Vermont we have just gotten a fresh foot of snow overnight with more to come today. Our leeks and onions are perched on the windowsill, facing west, filled with optimism and courage. In a few weeks we'll start pumpkins indoors. As soon as we can we'll drop some lettuce seeds in the ground. Most of our other seeds we sow directly, after Memorial Day. We buy our tomato seedlings at the Farmer's Market. Our season is short up here! I'll get my indigo plants from a woman over the ridge and plan to add a few other plants to my fledgling dye garden. We're also thinking about starting a fern garden along the front of the house.

  2. p.s. we have long been fans of windowsill sprouts! xo

  3. I have a plastic salad container (large) filled with pea sprouts which I clip as needed(!) and another container full of micro greens. Wish I had an egg! Will be planting tomato, pepper and other fruiting seeds on the 7th and 8th--fruiting days by the calendar. We also have snow--looks like 10 inches overnight and more falling as I type. Maine. so tired of snow.

  4. That first line is wonderful writing!


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