Sunday, March 12, 2017

End times

A blizzard is approaching, but this is what the vegetable plot looks like after last Friday's gentle snowfall. The garlic will be fine. The potatoes were planted too early (I am really annoyed at myself) in February's fake spring (I bet it was the warmest on record, again), and will probably be mush - not because of the snow, which is an insulator, but because of the serious deep freezes we have had since and the cold to come this week - many degrees below freezing. Saving my special potatoes all winter in the fridge just to get them killed by own impatience is...pfffffff.

But snow is on its way and I am happy about that. I'd rather have real snow than fake winter.

South Africa is having crazy weather, too. The wind blew so hard on Sunday that the Cape Town Cycle Tour, an immense and impeccably organized event, was canceled after it had begun. Cyclists were blown right off their bikes. Their bikes flew in the air as they hung onto the handlebars. Google some videos. It's fascinating. And in Durban the beachfront was swamped by massive surge - like a tsunami. End of days.

If it's the apocalypse, fine. Trump is president and the world is in disarray.

If you know of a handy cliff with a view, point me at it. I'm ready to make like a lemming.

In the meantime, there is buckwheat sourdough and Irish salmon.


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