Thursday, March 3, 2016

Leo the corgi

Poor Leo the corgi was left outside Key Food on Henry Street last night. According to a cashier he had apparently been out there for over an hour. Everyone was talking about him, and he was petted by almost everyone leaving the store.

Before I arrived, a concerned customer called a number on his tags which turned out to be for his doggy daycare. The daycare said they would contact the owner. His coat was in good shape and very thick - it was a few degrees above freezing.

We waited, and then I left, already late for dinner at home after a cocktail taste test in Brooklyn Heights. A girl who was very upset about him said she would come back and check on him, and when I went back to see if he was still there at 9.30pm, the store was closed and Leo was gone. So someone took him.

I am not sure how you leave a store without noticing your black and white dog outside it. I'd love to know how the story ended.

Update, 3/4/16: I went back to Key Food this evening and spoke to the cashier who was there the evening Leo was left outside the store. The good news is that Leo's owner did come to fetch him.

"Did she seem happy to see him?" I asked. "She was very blase about it," said the cashier, "Like: 'Oh, yeah, I forgot about him.' No big deal."

The cashier was deeply unamused. "These people," (I think she means the 'new people' in the hood), "they want everything. It's like with the kids. But they have no time for them."

So Leo's lady owner shopped, walked right by her conspicuous black and white dog, went home, unpacked and went on with her evening. Didn't miss Leo.

I hope I see Leo in the hood again (if he hasn't gone into hiding).


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