Thursday, March 10, 2016

What month is it?

The perils of not posting in a timely manner: I took this photograph one week ago, Friday. March 4th. A dusting of snow that melted by the next morning. Now no one will believe me.

Because we sat at that table outside for supper last night. 25'C/74'F. I had ordered 12lbs of boerwors as birthday present for the Frenchman and we ate it (no, not all of it!) under the stars and the incongruous buzz of our neighbors' air conditioner. Beeskwee (Biscuit), our other neighours' dog, kept us company, leaning against her fence at the back (top of picture), and sniffing our sausage smoke appreciatively.

Strange times at Chez Mosquito.



  1. Funny - I've followed your photos of the garden and know that it's a long way from where you will have it soon. But seeing the overhead view, its potential is so clear. Not to speed up time--what a silly notion; it goes fast enough already--but when we reach August (and probably before), it will be so much fun to see. Mary

  2. I was able to sleep with the windows open for the past few nights - unheard of in early March in the mountains!! I'm not complaining....I'll take it!


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