Friday, March 18, 2016


Yesterday's skies looked like they belonged to the turbulent weather systems of late summer. And this Sunday, snow is expected.

After shopping at Whole Foods (now their daffodils are the cheapest in the hood, two bunches for $5, and their Florida organic strawberries, $3.99 per box, cost less than at Key Food, so the crunch is on - but I digress), I stopped beside the Gowanus Canal.

This sign is very funny. I think they don't want you to smoke because you might set the canal on fire. The greenest supermarket in NY state is beside the most poisonous body of water.

Very healthy bayberries are planted in the new little park that edges the carpark.

And the red chokeberry (Aronia) is still loaded with last year's fruit. Excellent spot for a mini wild foods walk.


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