Saturday, February 27, 2016

Juniper in the hood

A Red Hook stroll on this last Saturday of February 2016. And a happy encounter with an eastern North American juniper, Juniperus virginiana - commonly known as eastern red cedar. The fruit is sweet and seedy, with a distinct hit of gin.

Back home: Store-bought juniper berries on the left, eastern red cedar berries on the right.

I have plans for them. A Remodelista Market is coming up, in March, and I have been asked to make two special cocktails for the pre-market party...

Happy February forager...



  1. It may be the last Saturday of February, but the last day is Monday February 29. Feel free to delete. *grin*

  2. When I was growing up on Long Island, there were bushes like that in the neighborhood. I did not know that they were edible!

  3. Eastern red cedars are considered nuisance plants where I live. Hope to read what you do with the berries.

  4. I just saw the post about the cocktails and never thought of putting these berries to such good use.


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