Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The 5 Stages of Moving

We are not quite circling the drain but at times it feels like it. Our move has coincided with the hottest and muggiest week of the weather year, with just one rainstorm for relief. Working in the weed-besieged garden - inbetween unpacking boxes and trying to create order - amidst  a swarm of daytime striped-leg mosquitoes, holds little appeal.

I know from experience that this is the stage of Resentment (it followed Disbelief, and Relief). It will give way, over time, to Inspiration. But for now we're treading water while we wait for Acceptance to rescue us.

In the meantime, we eat outside, rub ourselves down with our Thai-made mosquito wipes, meet new neighbors through fences, and spend a lot of time looking up at our wider sky.


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  1. what a lovely nice space to make your own!

    sending RAH RAHS to cheer you on in your endeavors this week.

    COOLER temps predicated for the rest of the week - there is a cold front moving in tonight!

    i moved 29 aug 2005 90+degrees 100% Humid and the day of Katrina from Park Slope to Westchester but had family in NOrleans so to say it was traumatic is a major understatement - imagine being without internet/tv access from monday 29th til late tuesday 30th.

    this too will pass... the delight of planning a new garden.. and settling in your new place will over take your grief.

    hang in there!

  2. It looks so big! Know you will whip it into shape later this fall and in the spring. Just let it go and do what's important with the French hman before your flight. Travel safely.

    Cant wait to see what spring brings to the terrace/patio.

  3. All that green in your new back yard makes me smile.

  4. I can't imagine this space being other than an oasis and am looking forward to the coming changes with great enthusiasm.

    Many regrets that your Father is so ill - a shared experience with elderly parents that is unfortunately too common.

    Also, many thanks for the photos documenting the move etc. I moved nearly a year ago and have been shaping my small backyard garden but at a snail's pace. We have a terrible drought in my state so watering is done very sparingly. Anyway, no doubt your garden and the coming changes will be a welcome influence.

  5. I'm very excited to see how you transform this space! I see such potential for an amazing garden at your new home.
    I burn citronella incense to keep the mosquitos at bay - Amazon has some good ones like the Amazon Lights incense sticks and also Hem Citronella. The Amazon Lights sticks are huge, great if you are outdoors for an entire evening. The Hem sticks are much smaller but you can light many and surround yourself.

  6. This is going to be fabulous! Can't wait to see how you wrangle it into submission!

    Best wishes for your father. Your stress levels are maxing out, no doubt, but just put one foot in front of the other and keep going. You have lots of well-wishers on this side of the screen.

  7. Like the other posters I can't wait to see what you make of your larger space. I hope your trip to SA is a happy one and you and Vince can find some time to shake of the stress of the last few months.

  8. It looks rife with possibility! Hang in there!

  9. The beady sheep! Oh, it cheered me to see that!
    Yes, once the stress of moving house recedes your gardener's soul will be happy.Your designer's side may be frustrated, but the soul -ah!

  10. You rescued the Nicotianas! I cannot wait to see what you will plant in this space, once the resentment has worn off and the inspiration sets in.

  11. I am just excited you are moved, easy for me, I didn't do the work. I am also excited to see Fall at your new home and more meals in your new space!

  12. The Nicotiana made it! And also on the bright side: you have good drainage!

  13. I am at 'Acceptance' stage. Nearly a month. My garden is a pebbly/sandy mess, and I miss my established perennials left behind. But Potential is there too. And we need some of that rain. Lois from Ontario.

  14. Can't believe it ! It looks like a garden already. Well done, Oh Clever Chicken of mine !

    1. Dearest Hen - I did naaaaartheen'. But thank you x

  15. naaaaartheen' . . . :-)) what a reminder

    All I can think is that when I began reading your blog, you had 66 square feet. Literally. Now it looks like you have a field. Boy, are you going to be busy, and it will be so much fun to watch. Hope the weather is your friend when you return from your trip, and that there will be no more upheaval. Mary

  16. I'm sure your new neighbours across the way are watching with great interest... I would! xx

  17. Your garden already looks amazing to me!

  18. Ha -The stage of resentment.


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