Saturday, November 1, 2014

Boule weather

My boule moves are back. This was a good one.

And with coffee? Even better.

On the terrace the little juncos* have returned. The bean leaves are yellowing on the birch screen. The house is dark at 2pm.

Yes, it has arrived.

*Not junkies. We had some of those a few weeks ago, half passed out on the stoop steps but still managing to sell something to people who passed by. Pot, I imagine. Very low level and disorganized. I called the cops to move them on - there were five, and I did not want to deal with them myself. Did the cops arrive? No. "Do you see any weapons?" I was asked on the phone...Uh, no, I said. 

Maybe next time I'll just take out some sandwiches. Make friends.


  1. I guess I'll have to get back to the boule making too. My starter died during the six weeks we were away this summer so I'll really be starting from scratch ..... although I'm seeing Brooklyn son this month so maybe I can cadge some starter from him.

    I love your tea/coffee cup with its little feet.

  2. For god's sake (well, yours, really) don't say they are armed- you'll have a SWAT team, or worse, on your steps.

  3. 'Did you see any weapons?' Like you're going to look that closely.. isn't that for them to find out?? I'd want a SWAT team too... What a pretty cup. How is my favourite vase?

  4. You have such a lovely blog, lovely photos, and such lovely thoughts. I especially like your posts about South Africa. Make friends with the drug dealers? That would be interesting.


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