Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hawthorn in Harlem

I have never seen hawthorn planted as street trees, before (as medium-sized trees they are perfect targets for tall trucks, which clip them as they drive by).

They line Lenox Avenue and are heavy with fruit, right now.


  1. We planted a hawthorn in our front garden here in Flatbush because as friend put it," they have a display for every season." But I haven't seen any others in my travels around Flatbush and Ditmas Park. I was astonished to see the hawthorns on Lenox Ave while traveling to NY Marathon brunch this Sunday. And envious of the strong showing of the beautiful berries. Our poor little tree doesn't nearly as many.

  2. Are there thorns on that hawthorn? I can't see any. The wild ones we have in our woods upstate are loaded with them. Maybe a different variety?


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