Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back under the mountain

Fresh from flying down across the Atlantic, then down the length of South Africa, and breaking the sound barrier in an airport cab en route to No. 9,  under a sky where clouds roiled like breakers over the mountain, I stumbled about the windy garden, where the southwester was roaring too, and took some inadequate pictures. But they still give you a sense of it...

My mom has had less help than usual in the garden - everyone aging, things falling apart, but the centre still holds: the garden looks very beautiful.

The New Dawn, as prickly and prolific as ever.

Lichen. Clean air. 

And...The Corg.

I am watching my back.

(The next few days will be taken up with Open Gardens business, photos, cake-baking, shuttling, posting.  When I can, I shall post more gardens.)


  1. Resistence is futile...the Corg are back :-)

  2. How nice of you to include us! GH

  3. The Corg are (is) back indeed, and quite well fed it appears...

    1. I don't ever think I've seen a thin corgie! These 2 are quite pudgy with happy faces. What are they hiding?


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