Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black sparrow hawk attack

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans, and may your dinner tables be free of dive-bombing raptors.

One minute you're peacefully eating your cheddar cheese, and the next minute BAM!

WTF, Charlie?!

(...and yes, it was way, way faster than I could photograph).

Soon thereafter:




  1. Maybe the Alphen Green Belt Sparrowhawks were particularly hungry this morning! Spice (small Border Terrier) and I were walking on the belt at around 11am and spotted 2 sparrowhawks in the vicinity of the nest they used this breeding season and have been watching off and on since spring. We had just walked underneath and past the nest when the 2 raptors started divebombing Spice, getting so close to her back that I had to put her on the lead and keep her close to me. It was quite scary (do sparrowhawks take small dogs?) but quite spectacular to watch.

  2. Thanks for the smiles and chuckles this morning Marie, and Happy Thanksgiving to you! I'm enjoying your gorgeous photos and travel tales. What a gorgeous place you come from.

  3. WHAT? What just happened there? Are those the same two birds? If so, they look much more alert after the attack.


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