Saturday, November 15, 2014

Green and grey and white

...and quite a few of South African plants, too. At last! So simple to do, and yet I still find great resistance to the idea of indigenous plant choices, in Cape Town gardens. Julie's garden is refreshing.

The feathery and fragrant Coleonema responds well to clipping.

Texture and colour (and taste!) - Artemisa and Coleonema.

Julie travels a lot for work so does not have much time left to garden. But this garden reflects the presence of someone deeply engaged with its spirit.

I had to pinch myself to keep away from those strawberries. Mamma!

Open Gardens Constantia got a bit wet yesterday afternoon as a gale tore into town, but it is up and running today, and very much worth the outing

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  1. I love this garden. I only travel about 3 miles for work and mine looks like i live across the world and only come home once a month.

    It all looks so lovely, and now that I'm back in the cold weather I so envy you the warmth.

    xo J


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