Monday, November 10, 2014

Saturday supper

Before I left the house on Saturday afternoon, I asked the Frenchman whether he would mind laying the table for me. The good friends were coming to dinner and I would not have time. Yes, he said, he would.

When I got home from Brooklyn  a few hours later,  this is what I found: boat napkins!

I was thrilled.

My surprise source of pincushions has not yet dried up, outside a supermarket, all the way down Lenox Avenue, just above Central Park.

And my sumac vodka has not dried up, either - here it was shaken up with some brown sugar and cinnamon syrup.

Mimi had red currant gin with splash of cassis, we'll call it a Harlem Mule, and then we all ate a salad of Honey Crisp apple chunks with kimchi and pickled vegetables: carrot, celery, Japanese knotweed, and a dollop of labneh. Stolen from David Chang, and tweaked. A pork belly curry high with galangal and ginger, black soy, quick-pickled garlic and  fresh turmeric. Sticky rice, my first attempt, and nicely sticky. Let's just skip dessert. Smoke ensued...

I leave for Cape Town, tomorrow and within the matter of 24 hours my life will be transformed. Cold to warm, baring to blooming, small terrace to large garden, cat to dogs, concrete to mountain, noise to...silence. Owls in the night.

And a few more things, besides.

Say a prayer for the cat. I would like to see him when I get back.


  1. The fairy lights simply make for heavenly lighting. You can take Vince off the Club Med I but you can't take the Club Med I out of Vince. I can imagine how you feel leaving the cat, so I won't dwell on that.

  2. So beautiful. Keeping the cat in my thoughts.

  3. Prayer said for cat. The South Easter will welcome you, and the first Aristea majors are flowering on Ou Kaapse Weg. Thinking of you and your heart on this trip, both in USA and SA x

  4. Many prayers will be said for cat.

  5. Praying for your sweet cat!

  6. Safe travels and praying fiercely for the cat!

  7. Wonderful...the yellow taxis and that the Frenchman can fold napkins so artfully- it's his DNA oui? I'm so happy to have discovered your blog and now will miss you. Have a great journey. Safe, fun, colorful, peaceful.

  8. Many prayers for Cad. Travel safely and enjoy ...


  9. You have a lovely husband. And I send my prayers for your lovely big black pussycad.


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