Monday, August 4, 2014

To buy a lamp

We went to Ikea to buy  a lamp. It only took six hours. 

The New York Water Taxi we had hoped to catch south from East 35th Street does not run. At all. Apparently. Someone should tell its website

So we hopped on the East River Ferry, and rode south down the East River (which-is-a-strait) to Pier 11, downtown Manhattan  ($6), to meet the free Ikea water taxi to Red Hook (still with me?), for which there was an impressive line. On the way we met a flotilla of kayaks. 

The water taxi carried us across New York Harbor, past Governor's Island, through the Buttermilk Channel and dropped us at Ikea, where we bobbed and weaved our way through its Sunday madness, found our lamp, gave up on some shelves (could not find the parts), gathered some eastern Atlantic head-on shrimp (no slave labour, no by-catch, hence OK to eat??) from their freezers, ignored the nice cinnamon bun smells and walked west to Fairway. I have a debt of lamb burgers to settle this week and ain't no ground lamb in Harlem.

The Red Hook weeds were abundant. Above, evening primrose and Queen Anne's lace. We miss Red Hook.

On our ride back to the Financial District our fellow passengers clutched their yarmulkes as the wind picked up.

And we disembarked and headed up Wall Street to the 2, tired of waterborne delays and eager for the quickest way home.

I like the lamp.


  1. Post vir ons 'n foto van die lamp!

  2. Had no idea one could travel around NYC by boat. Cool ... ok, slow cool.

  3. One likes the lamp; another likes the pink.

  4. And yet we didnt get to see a pic of the lamp!

  5. Blimey! It was quicker in heavy snow, on foot from Henry Street!

  6. Yes, tell us which lamp, please!
    From Greenwich Village, mid-week, in June, it was a much easier jaunt. I'm in Virginia and this was so much more pleasant than driving up I-95! Ikea on weekends, so close to college freshmen furnishing their rooms is a nightmare!


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