Thursday, November 19, 2009

Osso buco

I have been making an effort with polenta, since the lovely husband loves it. I have only come to it lately, and usually only at Al di la, with the rabbit. Last night's attempt, about the fourth, made me happy.

It's been years perhaps, since I made osso buco...I'm not sure that I will again. I like the marrow bones very much, but perhaps I'll stick to just roasting them and having them with toast, salt and parsley with lemon.


  1. Marie..that does look good...I made a bad dinner last night..a total bust..and it was the freezers fault. I made Rao's pasta sauce in October and it was wonderful..used the last of my tomatoes from the garden. Froze the rest. Defrosted it yesterday. Loser.

  2. You know, Marie, I have never understood why Osso Buco is considered really difficult or why it has this celestial reputation. I make it with lamb shanks instead of veal and decrease the meat and increase the vegies. No problem! All it takes is a little time and chopping and it is a wonderful meal. No biggie!

  3. Kary, it tasted good enough, especially the sauce. I used to make it often, but the veal is so expensive, and not necessarily worth it. So..I would have thought that your sauce would freeze well?

    Hi Mountain Thyme - I think, maybe, that veal shanks have been getting bigger. I used to get nice little compact ones. Now they are enormous and sprawly. The smaller ones made creamier meat-feel in the mouth. I love lamb shanks!

  4. Polenta - love it or loathe it. I like it cut into slabs, sliced, and chargrilled. And in desperation, I used it (the one-minute version) instead of the breadcrumbs I didn't have, to coat fishcakes, and it was delicious too.

  5. Hi Marie..I tried the link to Thomas but I didn't get I just went to Thomas's blog...and am I glad I did...Was in tears..what a beautiful story... Thomas and Marc are treasures. What wonderful people they take in that sweet little boy and give him such a nice life......

    Thanks so much for telling us about this..

    I can't stop thinking about them..and wish them all the happiness in the world.


  6. We had a blogger get-together last month and made an almost identical meal, using a Sky Gingell recipe with some sweet spice notes - and it was heavenly. But yes, roasted marrow bones & toasted sourdough are hard ot beat...

  7. I will admit, I've never had Osso Buco before. Shame on me. It looks delicious.


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