Monday, November 16, 2009

The breakfast tray

The lovely husband brought me breakfast in bed on Sunday. My mom brought me the tray packed in the bottom of her suitcase. It had been a Christmas present last year, and I had run out of space in my own suitcase when the time came to fly north again.

I sipped my coffee, ate my milk rolls, flavoured with mahlab, and read The Wind in the Willows.


  1. Wow...what a Sunday morning...

    guess what? I am making gnocchi tomorrow..I'll see how they turn out......

    fingers crossed over here...

  2. Milk rolls? What are? I'll have to go on a google expedition.

    I just blogged about making my marmalade! Hopefully, I did it justice!

  3. sweet! what a lovely small indulgence!

  4. Oh but that coffee looks like it would keep you up and moving all day -- 'tho the milk rolls look good. Not that I'd be ungrateful for breakfast in bed, but I drink 'silver' tea. (That's tea that is very weak and only a dash of milk -- but plenty of sugar, I'm sorry to say).

  5. Does your hsband give classes in Good Husbanding?? ;-)

  6. Hey Kary - were they?

    Thomas: Actually, these are the only ones I have ever come across, and I assume they are a Middle Eastern thang, given the mahlab (cherry kernel spice. They are light, and slightly sweet. The marmalade post was fab! You've actually made me long for marmalade even though I don't usually eat it.

    It is such a small thing, Dinahmow, and so luxurious-feeling, too.

    ChrisJ? Weak tea! As an ex Brit, can't you be excommunicated for this aberration? Just the thought makes me feel anaemic :-) I love the taste of good coffee and despise bad. Not sure if it rattles my bones...I don't think so.

    Sarah - what a good idea!

  7. What a picture... illustrating your mother's love and good taste, ditto for your husband, and your own good taste in editions of WITW, which I have on my bookshelf too. :)


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