Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fig in November

Above, not in November. This was the fig, with friends, sheltering from high winds in September.

A few days ago. I may root prune this year and keep it in the same pot, with some compost added. If we EVER move to a bigger space, it shall have a bigger pot, but it seems very happy for now.


  1. Yes, it looks quite content in that pot and looks like there's very nice bud set for next year. My hardy camellia is about to bloom! One tiny flower! (the other bud was excavated by some sort of insect)

  2. What a darling little tree...and so wel loved too....


  3. This fig tree is so beautiful. It's like a bonsai. I think it will have to be at the top of my tree purchase list for next year.

  4. Such a small tree produced so many figs! Very impressive.

  5. Wow - I didn't know a fig could flourish in a pot! Do you overwinter it in a greenhouse or is it hardy enough to remain outdoors? And how old is that plant? Sorry - 20 questions!! I dream of my own fig tree here in London...


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