Monday, November 2, 2009

Baked feta

...helps with lots of things, and it's quick. Of course, finding the right feta...I leave that to you. As usual, this is the French feta from Sahadi's.

Hunk of, in foil, on oil, with chile, baked hot for about 8 minutes. Slathered on good, crispy bread.


  1. I suppose I should do a side by side taste test before I say this, but: FETA IS GREEK! (like me) Sahadi carries a good Greek feta; have you compared and contrasted? If you say yes, I will try the French feta next week. Maybe I will anyway, in that side by side taste test...

  2. I prefer the "crumbly" feta, but it seems the smooth variety is favoured locally so I sometimes have to search!
    Now I'm hungry!

  3. Ellen, wahahahaha, sorry, I know you are right, feta is Greek. I will try the Greek just so that you try the French!!!!

    The French is...unctuous.

    Who gets to try the Bulgarian?

    Dinahmow - the crumbly often equates with dry as chalk, at least in South Africa (where I've not found edible feta except at Harbor House restaurant) - but I am willing to taste more.

  4. (Yay for the Greeks! ) Our international supermarket has a range of Greek, Cypriot, Turkish and related cheeses in brine, which are also worth exploring. Some are sharper, some more sour, some just really intimidating...

  5. jvdh - I have embarked on a tour. But no Cypriot :-(


    I have Greek feta. Show me your French.

  6. Ah, just topped this with roasted red pepper and set it alongside a paprika-ed baked chicken on a bed of sauteed green cabbage. People think I'm gourmet, although my ingredients are common. Thanks, Marie.


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