Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bacon and egg sandwich good.

As opposed to evil.

It was our holiday-Friday morning mantra. Eat simple good sandwich. Banish evil. Remember what we believe in. Which is making - or endeavouring to make - whatever we do, good. Because what is good, is beautiful. And that is all that counts.

Sometimes good seems to become a liability. It requires more effort, after all.

And that is when one makes a bacon and egg sandwich.

Roast your bacon in a 400'F oven. This makes it crispy and flat. Fry your eggs very gently in butter. Flip onto toasted wholegrain bread. Grind fresh black pepper over. Squoosh the slices together till the egg runs and the bacon crunches. Eat.


  1. It's nice to see you didn't skimp on the bacon! Just how I like it!

  2. Bacon (or sausage) sandwich - food for the soul, I reckon....


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