Thursday, November 12, 2009

Small autumn things

The oaks across the road...sad chives in front.

New Dawn all spotty and yellow.

I've been wanting to call it winter, but the last few days have been balmy before turning blustery last night with rain ticking on the skylights overhead. The remaining lily, 8' tall, is bright yellow.

And the Japanese grass unchewed by the cat is turning its autumn gold. I must check on the grass under the water tower that we planted in the summer. It should be looking very good now.

Some rosehips are left, not reachable by the roof squirrel, who loves them.

And probably the very last Abraham Darby of 2009 is holding its form for a long time in the cooler weather. Soon it will be time for the terrace clean up. Maybe I'll find some wintergreen to plant. Winter's a-coming.


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