Monday, November 2, 2009

AT&T Universal Card*

"To Whom It May Concern [in Customer 'Service']

Because my AT&T card doesn't usually see much activity I have not been reading my monthly statements in full. Today, however, I noticed that my APR has been 18.99 % for several months! A customer service rep, Deneal/Danielle, said tonight that there was nothing she could do to lower that, that it had been included in a recent Change of Terms (which I did not read, either), and would in fact be going up to 22%.

I explained to her that unless my APR could be lowered I would be closing this account. She did not seem to have a problem with that.

Is this really the case? I have been a good customer, using credit wisely, for years, and am given the rate of a delinquent.

Have you noticed the state of the country, economically? Has it not made the slightest impression on you?

If it is indeed true that my APR cannot be lowered significantly, then I will close this account, a very serious step, for me. Frankly, you do not deserve my business or support.

Please let me know.


Marie Viljoen"


I have been reading message boards and blogs about this, and it seems widespread. And customers are bailing. I am pretty shocked, given the context of this CREDIT CRISIS.

The response:

"Customer Service Wrote:

We received and have processed your request to reject the change in terms for your account. You may continue to use your account under the existing terms until your card expires, at which time the account will be closed.

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Thank you for using our website."

That's it. And misses the point . I REJECT the existing terms. Crooks.

So what do I do with my real money which resides partly in Citibank?



  1. i too am so upset about this i have to keep deleting what i am writing. my eyes are crossed in anger. i am canceling my card, 2 friends have already done this, one just today. what a slap in our collective faces. once they get the big monthly payoff from everyone "cause they didn't read their notice, what then? no more charging, no new interest building. i am pissed and perplexed.

  2. But flwrjane, I suspect that if we had read the fineprint it would have said that IF we reject the change, we keep the account only until the card expires...?


    Why would one work for a bank. I ask you?

  3. Mattress (or sensible equivalent) isn't such a bad idea, really, for the moment. At least you know where it is, and that no one is creaming off large amounts of it under cover of fine print and cynical attitude....

  4. not to belabor the point, but i did close my citi account last night. i worked a deal with them and am paying a 4% interest with a fixed (low) payment for a year. this should allow me to put more money towards the balance at the interest rate. when they asked my why i was closing the account i cited the new impending interest, both women i spoke to said " i don't blame you". no, i would think not.

  5. It's the principle that kills me. I'm lucky to not have big balance on the card, just a recent airline ticket, so it's easy to pay But they don't care.

    That's what gets me.

    They do. not. care.

    So why not (me) keep the card, and just pay purchases immediately? Sure, I could. But what they are doing is WRONG! Unethical.

  6. My dear late Grandmother hated banks & until my Father discovered her "bank", taped plastic bags of her $$ to the frozen chickens in her freezer & then wrapped them in brown paper! Not a bad idea considering what how crooked banks are treating clientelle!!

  7. Got a letter today (11/21) from Citi apologizing for the new terms and condx, and assuring us that our terms would NOT be changed because we wee such a valued customer. Maybe you'll get one of these as well.


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