Friday, December 5, 2008

Where have all the acorns gone?

Some links relating to the American Acorn Mystery:

NYC Garden explains what has happened to the missing acorns.
Brooklynometry has a beautiful photograph of some existing Prospect Park acorns.

Then there's this tale, by Jon Evans, which predates and predicts our present Acorn Crisis.

I think they lie strewn between the Tigris and the Euphrates. Gone to graveyards every one.

Where do you think they are?


  1. It's time to wake up to the truth: the acorns are being buried under pigeon p***.

  2. Thanks for the very interesting links. I heard the story on NPR and wondered how widespread the acorn shortage phenomenon is, because my sister in Tennessee said they have so many acorns in their yard, they had to rake them up to keep from sliding on them on the way to the compost heap. And thanks especially for the link to The Beasts of New York...i spent the day reading it!

  3. Beence, speaking of pigeons, I have a picture for you.

    Some fruit trees often bear well every other year, so maybe it's the same for the oaks.

    QC - Tennessee had better export some to starving Yankee squirrels?


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