Saturday, December 13, 2008

थे बिग्गेस्त फ्लॉप

ठाट'स एअस्य। थे प्रव्न्स ठाट फर्स्ट फेल ओं थे फ़लूर, एंड गोत पिएर्सद बी थे श्रप्नेल ऑफ़ एक्स्प्लोदिंग ग्लास व्हेन थे प्य्रेक्स एरुप्तेद.


  1. Just messin with yas.

    Didn't know I could write Hindi did ya? Me either.

    But Blogger can. I thought enabling the Knoppie would mean readers could transliterate to Hindi, but there I was typing and leaving a trail of squiggles in my wake, like the time my knitting turned out so beautifully in Sub A aka kindergarten and I had no idea how I did it. It was my nanny, adding to my blue scarf while I slept, at night, but I didn't know. It was the first time I became aware that I might have a subconscious that could do better things than I could.

    The name of my subconscious was Elsie and her skin was brown. A parable.

    "The Biggest Flop," is what it says (and it could be applied to my parts of the blue scarf, too).

    The prawns that first landed on the floor and then got pierced by the shrapnel of the exploding pyrex, circa Vancouver, September 2008

  2. And I was just about to yell for Babelfish.

  3. I figured you were either singing your own praises because you had just cleaned your floor so your food was still edible OR swearing in another language because you hadn't!
    Have a safe and pleasant journey.

  4. What a waste of wonderful shrimp and my opinion that would have been edible, if it weren't for the pyrex shrapnel!

  5. MIT - I nearly yelled for Babelfish too. Who's Babelfish?

    Colleen - thank you...and keep here at this end :-)

    QC - I tried, very hard to eat those shrimp. There's a post about it somewhere. Vince struck glass (in his mouth)and we threw it away.

  6. In "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" it was a fish inserted into the ear for instant translations. Now the name of a web translator.Wiki has info.

  7. Hmmm. Maybe Beence should leave the cooking to you! This isn't the first time we see him picking up the pieces!

  8. And I would also add that 123%342!98&54#-)(&342....>< indeed! ;-)


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