Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dinner with friends

On an impulse (of delight?) last night I emailed the nArchitects and asked them to dinner tonight. We haven't seen each other in forever. They said yes. So this morning I set off to the farmers' market at Borough Hall to see what I could find. It was a day of thundershowers. For the worst five minutes I took shelter under an awning. Otherwise I just got pleasantly wet feet.

The market was sodden and stall keepers were pushing poles into their low-slung white canopies to pour the water off in streams.

Summer glut is upon us: tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, onions, beans, herbs, blackberries, plums, peaches. I did my usual tour and then bought some flat onions, leeks, white corn, heirloom tomatoes, donut peaches and bunches of zinnias. I chatted to Sigrun again, the Icelandic lady from whom I bought masses of red currants for the jam I made a few weeks ago. One pot found its way to Emiliano and Anna at Al di la and another to a security officer at JFK. It had been destined for Vancouver.

Tonight's menu:

Ajo blanco

Roasted red peppers (see Estorbo's comments here) with garlic and anchovies

Chicken legs and thighs roasted with leeks, lemon, tomatoes, onion and fennel

Sweet corn salad with terrace mint

Peeled white donut peaches in Prosecco


  1. Sounds wonderful. Hopefully Estorbo will come down and join the festivities.

  2. He did indeed. Chicken wins over smoke.

  3. It was EWR but same difference. :-) I still dream of that jam...

  4. Oh, you're right! *&^^$!ing Newark!

    I discovered a stash of red currant jam last night - five huge bottles I'd forgotten about.I gave E 'n M a little one :-)

  5. you mean you had bigger ones? sheeesh. we polished half of the "just a little one" just now. yummmy; I too will now dream of red currants.


  6. It was in seach of the little one that I found the big ones - I promised my mom red currant jam and was panicking that there would be none :-)

    It was so nice to see you - take pictures of figs in Corfu, please!

  7. Marie,
    Just found your blog thru Last Night's Dinner. LOVE it!
    I will bookmark the page!



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