Saturday, September 20, 2014

The plum at the water's edge

Found in Brooklyn: very sweet and perfumed beach plums (Prunus maritima).

These will be turned into a sauce, tomorrow. We hummed as we ate them, straight from the small shrubs. Three small boys watched us, asked, and soon joined in.

This is shrub of shorelines and dunes, native to the long eastern coastline, from Virginia (more or less), up to Maine. It is underused in gardens. Plant it in full sun and in very well drained soil. Beautiful in spring in a cloud of white blossom, filled with fruit in late summer.

The next botanical walk will be in Green-Wood, Brooklyn, on Saturday. Quiet, green, hilly, filled with enormous trees...


  1. I have tried transplanting them from the wild into my Cape Cod garden, without much success….GH


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