Sunday, April 27, 2014

Scenes from a Wild Edible walk in Central Park

Central Park is just a hop and a skip away from where we live now, in Harlem. From Cobble Hill, it had been a 40 minute subway ride. For Saturday's walk in the Ramble I hoofed it from home across to the C train on 125th and then rode south for about ten minutes, exiting beneath the American Museum of Natural History, on West 81st.

The park was in spring swing.

Our group entered the Ramble, and wandered in a large circle for the next two hours, picking up a lost member of the party on the way, who had waited in vain for us to gather on East 81st Street.

There was a lot to see. Violets and greenbriar (below, being inspected by writer and forager Frank Hyman), pokeweed and knotweed, jumpweed and forsythia (edible!), trout lilies, Trillium and blackberries, serviceberries and winter honeysuckle and a Cooper's hawk breakfasting on a squirrel.

Beautiful ostrich fern fiddleheads, observed but not touched.

Boaters basked.

And exercised.

And we paused for a snack of field garlic bread and butter.

Then we parted ways in the park, or meandered to the subway together, where the C train took me and a leopard all the way home.

Maybe I'll bring the leopard (it's a vegetarian).
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