Saturday, April 5, 2014


A lunch break, recently. I tend to skip lunch, then I eat too much for dinner. So I've been making lunches for myself. A cup of tomato soup. A sourdough and cheese sandwich.

Other days, it's pea shoots on the sourdough, with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Salad on bread is wonderful! After boycotting balsamic for almost fifteen years I am guzzling it with a vengeance. It is now attractively unfashionable.

I'll be playing with vinegars at home this year, just as soon as some nice aromatics start raising their heads in gardens and wild places.

I am becoming comfortable with the bugs of fermentation.


  1. Had Penny Soup for supper last night - a childhood favorite. It is a cream based tomato soup with the addition of hot dog (the original version) or good sausage rounds (hence the name) browned nicely. Yum.

  2. Tomato soup and grilled cheese or toasted cheese bread is one of my favorite meals. I also love sprouts on cheese sandwiches. I felt the way you do about balsamic, until couple of years ago I visited Modena Italy where they make traditional balsamic vinegar. It gave me a new perspective and appreciation for good balsamic.

  3. Like Jen, tomato soup and grilled cheese or toasted cheese bread is my go-to comfort food. Always makes me feel better. For cheese bread, I like to burn mine just a little under the broiler.


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