Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hot cross buns

Hot cross bun dough (not sourdough, for once). 

The recipe in the April chapter of my book. And guess what? I found an omission in the text! While the spices are listed in the ingredients, in the method it does not say to add them to the flour in the bowl. Somehow, that got lost in the editing process, and we did not catch it. Bear that in mind if you make them.

I love that image of the anemones. And it reminds me that I should visit the Union Square farmers market on Wednesday. 

It's been too long.


  1. This is a post "crafted" after enjoying a really fine martini (so, be forewarned), but it seems to one dedicated male reader situated "not in New York," that some of the phraseology employed above to describe food products conveys (unintentional) eroticism.

    Perhaps in order to learn the truth of things, I will now take up bread making.

    1. That must have been one helluva martini, Clark!

    2. It really must have been, since I cannot, for the life of me, even guess what Clark is referring to. (Let me add that I enjoyed his comment nonetheless, as I always do.)


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