Friday, April 4, 2014

Boule for breakfast

Good morning. Just me and my boule, here.

The newest boule made me smile. It is the first loaf I've made with the starter that has lived in the fridge for a week. And the loaf rose high, with a crackly crust. So now I know the starter is alive and kicking and biding its time in the cold.

Hey. Aren't we all?

I ate a slice (the crust, in fact) for breakfast, with butter and lingonberry jam, and the very-important cup of coffee. It tastes, and smells, exactly the way it looks. 

I will try not to write a post for every loaf of bread I bake.

For the interested, here are two links that turned my loaf-making successful (once my starter was strong):

Stella Culinary 70% hydration boule
Stella Culinary how to make a basic sourdough boule 
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