Monday, September 14, 2009

Supper in September

It was a real Monday. I'd planned to go to the nurseries on a scouting trip for two upcoming garden plantings...all sorts of trees and perennials needed. Fortunately I postponed to Wednesday, so was on hand to deal with various flying pawpaws. No fans were hit, but I did get a bit of a workout. No bruised fruit. Some grumpy stone masons and carpenters.

When I got home I had in a bag a bottle of gin. And we sat outside and had a delicious pink gin and tonic, and looked at the perfectly blue September sky.

Also in the bag were two containers of buffalo mozzarella.

And a bundle of white asparagus. When we realized that there was No Butter I tooka deep breath and heated some olive oil with a sliced garlic clove and one anchovy fillet, lemon juice and a splash of cream, and poured this over the barely-cooked spargel and two poached eggs.

Then we ate peanut butter and apricot jam sandwiches on cinnamon bread for dessert.


  1. the gintonic close-up is beautiful, swirls and everything.

  2. Well done on pawpaw management.(Could you produce a "cheat sheet" please!)

  3. LOL, no pictures of the peanut butter sandwiches?

  4. i like how you make it happen. how do i make my gin pink?

  5. JMH - ta.

    Arcadia, dankie.

    dinahmow - I like your new blogger self for comments. Pawpaws: flail arms around like octopus on crack. You're bound to catch something.

    Beence, um...we ate them too fast.

    Bonbon - Bitters, 5 dashes :-)How's the Collection?


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