Monday, September 21, 2009

Independent Pilot Competition

The three newest episodes of my friend David Schumacher's web-series, NYCMusicShow, will be screened exclusively at the NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition this Thursday at 6.15pm and Friday at 10pm.

New World Stages, 340 West 50th street, betw. 8th and 9th Avenues.

You can reserve FREE tickets at the NYTVF website. There is a $3.50 processing fee. So...

You can just show up at the door (it's a big theatre), which is what we're planning on doing on Thursday. Later we'll find something to eat. Maybe at Hallo Berlin.

I worked with Dave and the lovely Lala (whose production company is Magnetic Media) a year or so ago when they thought that a TV show about Urban Gardening, hosted by Me, might hit the spot. It didn't! But making the teaser to shop around to networks was a lot of fun. Maybe I can dig out the disc and find a way to upload it for general amusement.

I met Dave when he was freelancing as the soundman for a CBC interview I did in a rooftop garden in 2007, and the seed was planted in his head. Poor seed: we watered it, fed it, but the Beings that Pay just don't seem to want gardens. Idiots. Or maybe it was me...Maybe the yellow dress was a mistake.

The competition is screening a lot of other pilots, too, so you can make an evening of it. It's a fascinating glimpse into the business of selling the ideas that become - in. some. cases. only. - what we watch.

Says the woman who does not own a TV. But I'm a DVD junkie.

What else to say about Mr Schumacher? He's a musician - we bonded during that shoot over opera, which he loves; and he cooks a mean leg of lamb.

Here's a taste of an NYCMusicShow episode.

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  1. I would think that the time would be ripe for a show on Urban Gardening, given all the coverage it's getting in the mainstream media these days. Might be time to float that pilot again by the powers that be!


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