Thursday, September 24, 2009

How brown was my chicken*

A chicken, two heads of garlic, cloves separated, a bunch of Long Island grapes, some cut up red potatoes, terrace thyme and tarragon inside, 2 cups of dry white vermouth, salt etc. Put in pot with lid and cover, in oven of 400'F/200'C. 1 hour and a quarter-ish. Take off lid for 20 minutes to brown. The side effect will be the brown-spattering of the pot-sides that you see above, which you should scrape down by sloshing the juices over them, and scratching with a wooden spoon. No metal on your le Creuset, please.

Toast some hole-y bread and put a slice in the bottom of a bowl. Spoon the chicken and juice and potatoes and soft garlics and grapes on top.

Accompany with a salad of North Fork mizuna and fresh North Fork corn. Mizuna is a bit of a wuss and needs a gentle vinaigrette. I added some cream to mine.

* How green was my valley?


  1. wow..Marie...that looks so good..and I bet it smelled so good too !

    And..YES ! that chicken WAS brown.

    Beautiful !


  2. Yummy, this looks delish. not only are you a master gardener, you are an amazing chef too!

  3. That looks absolutely DELICIOUS! Perfectly brown and just the way I like it. Fall roasted chicken...that's what I'll be cooking this weekend!

  4. your cooking makes my knees week same as when maxine and she reads don estorbo's musings.

  5. Marie - thank you - thank you! I made this tonight and it far exceeded my expectations. Absolutely delicioso!

  6. mmmmmmmm. I suppose that Senor Estorbo received a few pieces of this succulent bird?


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