Saturday, September 19, 2009

The best view in New York from the Fulton Ferry Landing beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, as the lights come on in Manhattan.

We walked down to it last night after having illicit sundowners on the Brooklyn Promenade in a tugging wind off the harbour. There were Russians, being disgorged from a white stretch Hummer. There were four male friends asking everyone to take pictures of them. There were tourists. There were film makers. There were waves splashing onto the dock as large pleasure and work boats went by. It was quite beautiful.


  1. the first picture shows why it's the best view: the verizon building is blocked perfectly by the west tower of the brooklyn bridge!

    that tall building under construction to the left of the bridge will be a truly magnificent metal tower designed by frank gehry.

  2. gorgeous pic! i think the bottom photo is interesting too of the photographers...bookends of digital camera screens lit up, Vince with his tripod, and the guys in black, who might be setting up a rocket launcher but i assume that's a tripod, too...

  3. both images are just beautiful but i especially love the second one, which captures the "stage of life" being lived -- and puts us in center front orchestra. the colors and sense of activity and human energy is wonderful!
    thanks from sunny california (on a gorgeous sunday). turning off the computer now!

  4. Anonymoose - yes, that's a horrid building. Verizon, that is. From the Promenade, in better light, we could already see the wrinkles on the Gehry, as the building's skin keeps creeping higher. My pictures were fuzzy. Need tripod.

    QC - you cracked me up. It does look like a rocket launcher.

    Nancy - greetings to sunny CA from sunny NY!

  5. Beautiful photos as always. Thanks for the treat!

  6. Fantastic pictures Marie! Even though I'm pretty sure my heart belongs in the countryside, there are aspects of city living that I do miss. Moments like these are one of them. (The police sirens and cab horns...not so much.)


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