Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wikal Productions towing cars

On the street, right now, some minutes before midnight. The NYPD towing units are jimmying car locks and towing vehicles left parked on the street. Notices have been posted for several days warning that Wikal Productions will be shooting a movie in the area and that cars parked on affected these streets will be towed. So, fair warning, and normal for New York.

Just how much is the city paid for this street clearing, anyhow?

I can pretty much guarantee that most of the errant cars belong to nurses getting off shift soon from the LICH (like the lady above, who let the cops have it in West Indese). Who will want to get into their cars after a long day of mopping up other peoples' messes and ride home and rest. But who will, instead, have to figure out which pound the car is in and get there, somehow, and pay a hefty fine to get it back. Or take the subway home if the subway goes near their home, and deal with it tomorrow.

Three cars drilled and towed on my block.

Pleeeease let the mysterious production company about-whom-there-is-no-information, not shoot at night. No arc lights no loud hailers. The Post (hey, I was desperate...and should I be linking to a paper that notoriously steals info from bloggers and does not link back??) explains that Wikal is using its name on notices instead of the movie name, because the star of Remember Me, Robert Pattinson - about whom I'd never heard ,which marks me as Not A Teenager? - has been mobbed in other parts of the city by fans on high alert.

So, yo: tomorrow in the hood. Robert Pattinson, Amity Street, Henry Street! C'min and gittit!

I guess I could water them from the terrace. I have excellent water pressure.


  1. Maybe you could get a gig as the rainmaker?

    Sometimes, repeat, some times, they just move it to an acceptable spot. You just have to figure out where that is!

  2. doooo it! doooooo it...! we get a lot of those self-important production companies happening over here as well...i'll send over the paparazzi...HEY PAPARAZZI!

  3. Please don't think this is a suggestion, but...a London man was so annoyed by a movie crew with all the paraphernalia (3 trailers, with throbbing diesels) that he "watered
    them from his balcony. I think he drank copiously beforehand!


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