Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meals for We: inaugural post

Vince arrived late on Wednesday night, deposited in the uncharted bowels of Penn Station by the Adirondack train, and at last we found each other. Helping to haul his luggage through the subway system made me feel especially sorry for mothers with strollers, and older or infirm people with Heavy Things. Stairs. Gaps. Stairs. Bad signage. Hellish heat. Safely in the 'hood, we dragged the suitcases on their wheels over the bluestone sidewalks of Cobble Hill, feeling quite pooped.

To greet us, another incarnation of the Paintbrush, less successful than it has been, as I could barely see straight to measure. (Are anybody else's contact lenses driving them nuts in New York right now???)

And then we sat down outside on the terrace, and ate our supper of cold roast Cornish hens, cooked early in the evening and cooling in their cloak of lemony sauce in the fridge while we traveled beneath the city. It's one of the most calming meals I can think of.

Thursday night, not photographed, we had cold udon noodles dipped in a bowl of fish sauce, ginger, sugar, scallions and chile, with cold just-tender greenbeans glazed with ginger, jaggery and soy.

Last night after a long , sticky day of gardens and rooftops and clients and Russians, from the Upper East Side to Tribeca, with a layover in the West Village and a side-trip to the Lower East Side, we shared some viscously cold Grey Goose in the air-conditioned apartment before heading back out the 66 square feet.

Note: Stepping out of a reviving, cold shower after a long New York day, to hear the sound of a cocktail shaker shickering in the kitchen, was sweet beyond belief.

Salad Nicoise, inspired by Jen's beautiful post.

The sea urchin lamp, bought in Cape Town, and made by Luna Porcelain, made its debut on the table.

And today, post marketing at Borough Hall, where we bought berries for It, two huge tomatoes and a bunch of dill (a frittata maybe?).

Lunch, almost entirely store-bought (I made the pickled onions last year, thought I'd finished them...): Biellese prosciutto from Stinky, spinach pies from Damascus Bakery, samosas, too; French feta from Sahadi's, and figs from the New Green Pea. Oyster Bay Sauvignon blanc with ice, lime and splash of Cassis. It was hot.

Tonight? Some grilled lamb ribs from the Halal Butchery on Atlantic, marinated in olive oil and terrace herbs: summer savoury, thyme, parsley; thick-sliced tomatoes with a thick layer of herbs: basil (four kinds, now), and chives; and peaches for dessert. With mint.

Tomorrow - Governor's Island picnic, with egg salad - which will be a FIRST for me: egg salad has always seemed too horrible for words. Farm eggs, manymany herbs, salt and pepper; with good, thick brown bread from Damascus Bakery ( a really decent and huge Pullman loaf, heavy with seeds), which will be well-buttered. Inspiration for salad, Deborah Madison's Local Favors, a beautiful book.


  1. Childishly, I feel like clapping and cheering. This is all beautiful, and at last, the classic "wish I was there" is replaced by "so glad I'm here, wish you all could be there..." ;-)

  2. I can't tell you how much I love this. I am dabbing back tears. :D

    We drank Noilly Prat on ice on the patio a bit ago, and toasted to your togetherness. Cheers from far away, but very close as well.

  3. Hello husband :-) it's so nice to blog side by side and talk through comments!

    Jen :-) I am dabbing back tears because you are dabbing back tears...thank you, very, very much. x

  4. I'm clapping and cheering with a glass of Guinness!

  5. you two are so radical, getting married before you live together.

    oh crist, now i'm crying, too.

  6. Beautiful inaugural post -- Ikaika and I are so very happy for the two of you. May you enjoy many, many "meals for we"!


  7. I am about to salute you with a bottle from somewhere-near-Capetown.
    Bon sante, Monsieur et madame.

  8. 'We' - and I missed it. Happy happy days, lovely food. But where is Estorbo in all this we-dom?

  9. Awwww..."meals for we" sound so wonderful because they are "for we" as well as sounding totally delicious. And the sea urchin lamps are gorgeous and romantic!


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