Thursday, July 23, 2009

I don't suppose...

...we could get a little of this white stuff this afternoon, with the thunderstorms? Hard to believe this was March. I'll haul myself up on the roof for a comparitive view this evening. Maybe we'll have a drink looking out over NY Harbour.

Good news! The New York Times' Anne Raver is writing a story about Kirstin's Gowanus Garden. She called and interviewed me briefly this afternoon, and was very nice. Can't wait to see the piece.


  1. Very nice news about the forthcoming Anne Raver interview. Did you see this story today? It sounds like it's a huge project, and seems to be mostly a lawn (yawn) rather than gardens...but at least it's a start. And would be nice if it sparked more federal/corporate interest in green roofs. With gardens.

  2. Not that it hasn't...or that it could.
    But probably won't.

    Were you not, or your blog not, the source of discovery of the Gowanus garden for the NYT?

    Either way, very good.

  3. Errr, if we get a little bit of "that", it would mean I can run. I'll run in snow but not in the rain. There.

  4. QC - not lawn, sedums, according to rather poorly reported story: in theory lower cost and only using about 4" of growing medium. It's a very good start though, since NYC is a bit backward when it comes to greenroofs.

    Frank...hmmm, ja...well. I didn't ask. Kirstin told me Anne was doing a story on her garden, and K told her about my blog and posts about may be via the photographs of Jose Gaytan, whose Gowanus pics are on exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library.

    Poor Beence, Trabbed by the rain.

  5. is this garden still at risk for destruction?


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