Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flowers behind bars

Parking lot on 2nd Street, between 1st Ave and Avenue A.

Wildflower mix, tossed about, methinks.
Zinnias, cornflowers and one sunflower, so far.
Funny how the city changes one's aesthetic.


  1. Wildflowers behind bars -- now there's an oxymoron ...

    ;) Keli'i

  2. So lovely! Could it be some guerilla gardening?

  3. I do wonder how many people actually even take notice of spots like this that you find, sometimes create and ultimately photograph.

    I know I would certainly notice now. However, in my late teens and 20's running around NYC, there could have been orchids growing all around and I probably wouldn't have noticed.

    Simple wildflowers blooming so beautifully in a city seems to meld the contrasts of the country and city, if for just a moment.

  4. I would notice.

    I would especially notice if they were orchids! ;)


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