Wednesday, July 1, 2009


These were delicious. From the New Green Pea for $2.99...

I also bought some white donut peaches (terrible name for a peach. Flat peaches?), and sliced one into a glass of Prosecco.

It's summer.


  1. yum, yes it is! the middle composition is especially lovely.

  2. Those figs ..... $2.99 each ?????

  3. Those figs look divine. I agree that donut is a terrible name for a peach. Are they the same thing as Saturn peaches? Flat with a dent in the middle? The farm stand where I buy my produce calls them that. Don't know if that's the real name, but it's ever so much more interesting. Mythical, even.

  4. QC, thank you...

    Hen, no! $2.99 for the punnet! I ate the first few very fast so I am not sure how many there were...maybe 8 or 9.

    Gigi, that's better. Saturn peaches. Yes, flat with a dent.

  5. If only their tree didn't cause such a sticky battlefield of ripe fallen fruits and attract so many wasps, it would be perfect! - Not that yours has this problem, of course. :-)

  6. Hm, no fig tree within my reach would cause sticky anything, because I would eat them all. I remember climbing a fig tree in Bloemfontein, behind our kitchen - it was huge. The figs' skins were pale, lime green and bright pink flesh-flower inside.

    There are figs in Constantia, old trees, which have green-brown skin, and ruby-red fruit inside which has a slightly sour edge to the sweet. They split at the bottoms and are the most beautiful and delicious figs I have seen or eaten, ever.

  7. you are truly living my friend...go figs go!


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